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Friday, 5 July 2013

FROM THE WHEEL HOUSE DOOR Shemaron log July 4 2013

At last I am to spend a few nights on Shemaron. Arriving at Campbeltown loch yesterday evening I did not feel the usual fug after the long drive and our boat was warm and welcoming, (if more than a little damp).  Our first task was to light the fire which would start the drying out process and lead to a kinder atmosphere on board.

We went through our usual banter concerning the evening meal, that we would cook on board, what we should eat etc etc; and as usual we decided to go out for food instead. While eating in the local bar, the tide came in lifting Shemaron to a more comfortable level for embarkation. We unloaded our carefully chosen belongings that are to sustain us hopefully for a whole week and settled into the forecastle.

The sights and sounds of the harbour attended to their normal routine as we watched from the sidelines sitting quietly on deck. Two boats from Northern Ireland the Starlight Splendour, and Saphire Stone tied up to unload their catches returning to the sea before the next days dawn. Flocks of gulls cruised in their wake and the glossy backs of harbour seals broke the water as they swam around lazily looking for an easy meal.

With dark clouds to my back and a brighter sky to the sea I watched the ferry disembark, its passengers disappearing to other destinations.This last flurry of industry marked the end of the day, the harbour was left listening to the calls of gulls and the generators that never switch off, keeping the boats ready for a quick start a few hours hence.

I woke often in the night, the effects of a damp boat and the increased heat from our stove created a sauna like state in the bunks, but when I expertly rolled from my sleeping quarters in the morning I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt.

So yes bring on the day!

Stores to buy, fuel to organize, a great article in the Fishing News to read all about a certain Ring – net boat named Shemaron and some extra fresh prawns to cook straight from the boats.

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