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So here we are back home after our weekend and I have shoved aside the debris from yet another barbecue that ended up in the kitchen and inserted myself midst a variety of other kitchen clutter laptop in tow. I have been so looking forward to writing this blog, even when the trip to Ayr was only a possibility at the beginning of last week it was waiting in my head, anticipation is half the enjoyment.  As the high pressure built and the weather forecast settled, plans became more concrete, Shemaron sea and sun what a novelty, I am so used to describing rather drear weather conditions. There was some discussion as to our mode of transport bike or car, owing as usual to the amount of paraphernalia accumulated for the trip it was the car again (next time definitely it will be the bike!)

Leaving behind eventually the trails of glinting traffic chains we found ourselves alone on the road, just the pair of us with the road before us, bounded by banks of bluebells, mounds of coconut gorse an…


I have had such a brilliant weekend on Shemaron, we took her over to Ayr to pay respects to her former partner the Watchful who sits in memory on Ayr harbour, and actually managed to get both boats together in one camera shot. It was an exceptionally bright and sunny day for her camera shoot and it was very good to say hello again and also meet for the first time some of those who have a passionate interest in her. I have posted the above link to youtube and would urge you all to watch this beautiful set of pictures and film posted by Dunard whom I would like to thank very much for the donation of  time and skill in the enabling of this special video.

More detailed blog to follow!


I am awake early this morning eager for the day, the summer that was dripping all around us has come at last to shine upon us. Words are running round my head and I want to get them down, they are important because they describe the evening of my twenty ninth wedding anniversary. Twenty nine years ago I spent my wedding night  in a tiny room at the Hadrian in Wall, my husband and I returned there for the first time since on Monday for a meal. It was one of the first warm still evenings of the year so far and on the way back we stopped on the Military road by St Oswald's church. The spot is marked on the road side by a large stone cross. We walked through Heavenfield the site of ancient battles where St Oswald was victorious over Cadwallan uniting Deiria and Bernica and becoming king of  Northmberland. We followed the cut grass path to the wooden gate in the wall that surrounds the little church, and threaded between the tilting gravestones half covered by holly and sprouted yew. …


I am reading a novel, I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, it is a World Book Night edition and is far from my normal fantasy choices, but I have to admit to enjoying it rather a lot. I was hooked with the opening sentence "I write this sitting in the kitchen sink", a brave way to begin a story I thought, and couldn't help conjuring visions of myself likewise squashed on our draining board under the Ikea cupboards and gazing at the boiler.  If I ever managed to stay put long enough to write I reckon it would take at least two people to roll me out again. Seeing I have been abandoned today, my husband is away to his beloved Shemaron and my daughter to an interview in the big city, I have decided to remain seated with my laptop at the kitchen table.

The weekend stretches before me, a calm oasis amid  too many soggy days, damp earth and clarts galore, I feel I must spend some time on the allotment. Yesterday I took a trip to Meldon Cafe, it was once more a drizzly and dripp…


I managed to get down to the allotment this weekend, I share it with a friend and it has become one of my favourite pastimes over the summer months. So we managed a couple of hours on Sunday but it became cold  oppressive and wintry, I can remember beautiful days in May full of early summer sun, I am despairing of the weather this year. We have a few things in the ground but it is a a slow start.

The highlight of the weekend of course was Wendy's 21st birthday. How did that happen then? My youngest is 21 and my eldest is to be 23 in June. I am remembering the years by party times those early birthdays with the girls, eyes bright with excitement all fresh cheeks and unadulterated hair. At first they were small family gatherings plus our friend , my sister in law and I were pregnant together both times and we met our friend at that time, also pregnant, my own sister slotted neatly between. Very soon the family parties were a minimum of twelve and soon after that twelve plus one, our…


Our new van is sitting outside the office all white and gleaming, it is a Citroen Relay and is in fact the biggest vehicle we have purchased to date. It has been boarded out ready for use and smells of new wood, Chris commented the other day that at the end of its working life it could make a good camper van. This is an old recurring dream, it strikes me that this dream in particular could be somewhat more achievable than our log cabin by the sea. I can definitely see us in the future, a pair of aged pensioners hitting the road in a converted courier hack a couple of mattresses in the back for comfort! The trouble with dreaming at the age of fifty one as apposed to dreaming at the age of twenty one, is that there are too many variables to the equation, fitness and longevity not least, of course the very fact that it is a dream enables us to factor out all manor of unpleasantness and dream on. Life  follows its own pathways and has to be constantly tweeked around various twists and tur…


Just started Twittering and have been tweeting away merrily into the ether, not sure what should be happening so if there is any one out there  with a twitter account perhaps you could look for me @ringnetter and send me a tweet or a twit and help me along?


Over the passed few months I have been involved in lots of meetings at work, this is new ground for me and I am happy with the opportunity to get out of the office more often on Connection related business, it gives me a  good overview of how things are developing with our customers at a more nuts a and bolts level. One of the more recent arrangements with a particular firm (no names) has been to timetable in regular meetings at their behest, an opportunity for discussion, with which we are more than happy to comply. At the start or this week Ali and I arrived for a scheduled meeting at the appointed place to be told that the "head honcho" was not in, he had obviously totally forgotten about the arrangement. His PA showed us efficiently to the meeting room and we dutifully sat surrounded by dirty coffee and tea cups and sour milk.

Of the expected half dozen people we hoped to meet with three turned up and I was introduced to the self appointed chair whose words of welcome w…


Salty sad and peeling planks
Blind glass in a lazy frame
Still strong in wind and rain. Sound deck dry and quiet now,
Echoes of sea and surf and scale.
Declining carval crusted bow Lapped by gentle waters soft and slight. Stripped of rigs and ropes and winching steel, Scrappy colours losing hold. No lights to swing on shantied waves No nets dumped damp on deck
No fishermen to heave a haul No fiSherwives to sit and fret.

Oct 2008.


I have ferried my family up to Alwinton and the Cheviots. A friend has his 50th birthday tomorrow and has chosen to mark it with a challenge runners V mountain bikes over the hills and tracks. Sitting watching sheep and lambs morph into creamy blobs through the sleety windscreen a few moments ago, I realised my zest for life has definite limitations. I will find a spot by the river and greet them on their descent.

This last week has been a struggle, these frustrating myalgics sneaked their chronic fingers into my head and spread their smaze so I see and think through a fug and struggle to cope with the  most simple of tasks. I lie in an unreal and foreign world giddy and spinning kept at a distance and unable to take a firm grasp. I wish I could pour all my aches and miasmas into the river that is rushing by me and know they will be carried away.  I am always fighting battles, I have the upper hand in this one, I can tell it hasn't got a firm grip. The strange thing with aches and…