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Northumberland at its best on the back of the rain with the mist hanging in the pine branches round Fairhaugh. It was late in the afternoon when we set off on this walk the flat strained light under the layers of heavy cloud was changing. The cloud was breaking allowing a rare chance for the setting winter sun to settle on the hills.

I often return to Fairhaugh, it is just one of those places. It sits in the swell of the river, still, never changing, but time seems to move around it in an uncommon manor.
Whenever I get to the stile at the edge of the woods I am always thinking of Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood, yesterday was no exception. This time it was darker than usual the late afternoon was beginning to tip into evening. I had to brush between branches where they had grown over the track, it  all felt slightly on the wrong side of comfortable. Under the floating mist  I took a quick look at the Coquet before re tracing my steps up to the stile and away from the wood.…


Is it still January? All of a sudden the world has slowed, the whizz that kept me spinning through the autumnal equinox has whizzed out. This is not my time of year there is such a long gap until Spring arrives, spring commands the highlights, even when it ends there is more to look forward to in the weeks ahead, things move on through their own velocity. January and a wet soggy one at that oh dear!
Thank goodness for this blog, it keeps me sane. The lack of trips to Scotland or out into Northumberland have left me with a hole, I have had nothing exciting to blog about. This may be a good thing it has allowed me to focus on the book; time to put all those scraps of information together and hopefully create a flowing narrative. Time to iron out the cringe-worthy sentences and even paragraphs that spring from the text in an obvious un-merged barely literate contusion. Time to stop relying on the spelling and grammar facility on the computer and make sure what I am trying to say really ma…

Welcome 2014

Happy New Year to everyone.
The town rocked with pyrotechnic delight, along the rooftops chimney stacks stood resolute, under the fall of fiery showers. My New Year crept in quietly but watching from the sidelines I was still connected, still part of the city celebrations.
I felt calm crossing between the old and the new, standing inside watching the sky, hearing the town explode with festivity. It was a lovely evening after the busy Christmas preparations of the previous week.
The New Year arrived on the sidelines, the old year went out with a bang. My venture into poets’ world was given a welcome boost. I have a winning poem; which can be heard with the other winning entries, at  Insistent Light Poetry Competition, beautifully read by Cathleen Bailey.

It is great to start the year looking forward pushed by a building momentum, there are some big challenges ahead. I have been working on a book and almost have a first draft complete. I am trying to bring together a little of Shemaron'…