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Where did February go? After a long laborious January, February seems to have passed me by. We are already into March and starting to think boat, travel and hitting the road. Over the winter our bike status has changed yet again. We sold the Harley and the KTM 990 and replaced them with one bike, a KTM 1190. My husband was unimpressed with this bike and has just replaced it with a 1200 RT. He picked it up earlier this week and has already been down to Cambridge, and I have just waved him off again. He is on his way to Campbeltown.  Motorbikes are his other passion, since he was seventeen he has had thirty-five bikes, having a boat so many miles away allows him more than a little indulgence on this score.

It is time to get Shemaron out of the water and give her a good check over. The week after next we have  our place booked on the slip in Campbeltown.  With every change in the weather forecast our plans also change, there are some big tides that week and we hope to able to take advant…


To day I hauled my fibro friend right up in front of my face, so I could look it straight in the eye.
”I am coming for you my friend, I said.  I will hunt you down, I will find your lair in the roots of me.  I will stop the poison you have dripped into my genes, and I will, chase you back to the dark corners of my cells, where you will wither.  I will see an end to you yet, my friend, think on that and imagine your demise.
I will rejoice every time your awful touch slinks back to the dark,  I will manacle it in the iron chain that strengthens my will.  I will live more days in harmony and balance, I will re-tune myself.”
I spat these words with all the venom that cursed through my veins, then my ire spent I collapsed exhausted on the chair.
But I am nothing if not stubborn.
I have sailed the sea in a leaking boat, toppled from the tops of waves and set my anchor in the sand. I have watched the light become the space and seen strings of Gannets skim the tidal race.  The flames of memory burn st…