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So we have arrived in Kintyre and kicked off our “long stay” with a family holiday weekend; mums, dads, daughters, sons, nieces and nephews all together in a big old farmhouse. It reminded me a lot of when our children were growing up and the lovely cottage holidays we enjoyed. I often went with my sister, our husbands would commute and Mum and Dad usually managed a visit because we usually stayed less than a couple of hours from home.

It has been a mixed bag of weather with rain never far away, but the pockets of sunshine have been warm and inviting. With the hillsides beckoning and Arran changing moods across the sea I was lured up the track that ran from the back of the house on the promise of beautiful views. I went up once early in the morning while the house and its occupants still slept quietly, inside the thick walls. Then once again the next day after the rain when the hillside rang with the deluge from a recent shower.

Climbing steadily the track wound between the yellow gorse…


We sat in the wind on the riverbank with the sun on our faces. Under the spread of the mountain ash, hairy moss grew on the low tree trunk.
A primrose sat sheltered on the sandy sill. 
We heard the watery tone on the river stone.
The sedge along the waters edge was like straw upon the bank. When I closed my eyes water sprites danced in sighs that fell in the lights on the riverbed. 

White water silt and stone.


Last weekend week rain delayed play, but we were on the road anyway. Chris needed some measurements from Shemaron, we need to replace corroded pipework in the cooling system, part of the ongoing maintenance. We “popped” up to Campbeltown for a quick half hour, before heading north for a little road tour.
All of a sudden we are two weeks away from our deadline to relocate to Kintyre for our two month ‘Shemaron intensive labour course”! The implementing of this project is proving to be more complicated than we first imagined owing to ongoing tasks within our business. We have now acquired two accreditation's; we have designed and implemented a tracking system to the standard stipulated in our hospital contract. However our other hospital commitments require a different standard and system and they only told us last week! Arrrrgh!
Our summer in Campbeltown may turn into a series of long weekends, but a least Shemaron will be on an equal footing with our business. I see no problem wit…