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From The Wheelhouse Door - The Lovely Bay at Stonefield

Mist settled low over the Kyles of Bute and the entrance to Loch Fyne covering the rocky shore with a blanket of tiny water droplets. It was the calm before the storm, everything was intensely still, a change was coming to the area of low pressure that had predominated over the west coast during the previous few days. We reached Tarbert in the late afternoon, after three days on board Shemaron we were looking forward to hot showers and laundry facilities. It was also time for our daughter to return to work, she needed to travel to London the following day.

I have two daughters they recently left home within a few weeks of each other. Whilst I was of course happy and excited for them as they embarked on their new life courses, I couldn’t stop myself from looking back, vivid images from their childhood kept coming to me. Nostalgia crept closer with the thought of our family being separated once more. Suddenly it was about saying goodbye all over again. I remembered the train station in…

Tighnabruaich and Loch Riddon

Our stop over in Carradale had coincided with the Carradale Canter, a 5 and 10k summer run in which our daughter and crew member was participating. The course started at the harbour and unfolded along Carradale Bay taking in the stunning beauty of this area of Kintyre. From our deck we had a prime view of the start and finish lines and watched the proceedings along with the local seal who popped up in the harbour interested by all the commotion. There was a lovely atmosphere in the sunny harbour enhanced by a second place on the 10k run for our Shemaron crew!We had a quick turn around after the race, the wind had dropped during the morning and we set off again around 2.30 PM leaving our neighbours free to go to their fishing later that night. 
Our plan was to anchor off St Ninian’s Bay on the isle of Bute. On our approach the wind changed direction, a swell rolled into the bay from the south west which would have meant an uncomfortable night at anchor, we decided not to stop and cont…

From The Wheelhouse Door 2015

I have not posted much of late the necessity to work has left little time to enjoy the escape that writing brings. This morning time is not an issue,  the pleasure of choosing words rolling them over in my head and exploring their aptitude for what I want to say spun me softly into the day.