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My favourite highlight! Interview Express North Magazine

Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour

My Favourite Highlight...
It has been almost one year since Shemaron: A Beautiful Endeavour was published! My interview with the lovely Lucy Richardson for Express North magazine was one of the years highlights. 
(link to the interview in Express North magazine at foot of post)

Did you have a settled life before Shemaron arrived?

Life was settled in the usual way of working and bringing up a family. In my spare time I enjoyed traveling round Northumberland and the Borders with my husband on his motorbike. I loved this aspect of travel it was so exhilarating. As a family we enjoyed cottage holidays in beautiful places, sometimes we went abroad. There was a sense of comfortable adventure that surrounded this but it was nothing like the adventure that followed our involvement with Shemaron.
What was your reaction when your husband told you he’d bought the boat?
There is a gentle eccentricity about my husband coupled with a drive and determination to make things h…

Under Starlight


Today Facebook threw up a memory, it was of a post I had written in December 2012.  On a very beautiful night back in the early days when Chris and I were on Shemaron we had the most exceptional time and it gave me much pleasure to remember it - so I have re-posted it...

Somewhere in the world of latitudes and longitudes fifty five degrees north and five degrees west, north but not so far north as Lapland and on the western fringes where the light defilement is minimal we find ourselves on the deck of our boat, it is night, it is dark, and there is a sharpening in the breeze.

In a lonely marina far enough away from all other boats to feel happily desolate we are sitting on deck wrapped in the woolly quiet of the night. All time is thrown open above us in random light, the past the present and the future an unfolding event on the astral plains. We are the smallest speck on the particular meridian that holds us in time and space, we sit afloat bathed in the supernal illume, …